Engage In Play

I have been thinking about the art of play these days. I find that the more I look forward, think about my career or anything to do with money the less I feel like playing or I replace play with the act of playing a game, like Wii.

The art of play is about engaging that driving passion within and being reckless enough to share it. Children do this all the time. They are hardwired to play, it is what drives them, it is what allows them to make sense of the world around them. You see it in their drawings, their songs, their stories and their interactions with each other. They never stop, or at least they never stop until it becomes socially tabu.

So what happens to us when we get older? Who told us that we needed to at some point come to an understanding of the world around us? Why stay within a status quo? Why not ask questions, engage the what if, relive what it means to play.

This past Sunday I was able to relive an old passion of mine, drawing. I was able to draw and create on a giant sheet of paper that was 3’ tall by 5’ wide. It was great! I was in the zone, I could not stop drawing on it. It was like inhibition between my playful self and the social tabu was gone.

Stop being so serious, dress funny, learn a new art form, grab a marker to draw a picture on your wall, run around your office with a giant blue yoga ball and play with the others in your office. Whatever it is, engage in play!